AURZA WomenMeanBusiness : Interview with Dani Friggi Lu, Executive Coach

As part of our journey to inspire women to experiment with our #AURZA #WomenMeanBusiness campaign we are delighted to introduce the first of our interviews of successful and fabulous women here in Hong Kong. Take a look at their thoughts on why they love what they do and how they ‘dress for success’ ,starting with the gorgeous Dani Friggi Lu.

Name: Daniela Friggi Lu (Dani)

Age: 39

Job: Human Resources Consultant & Career/Executive Coach

Company Name:   Boosting Passion – Consulting & Coaching for Change



What attracted you to what you do now?

After 15 years working in the corporate sector as a Human Resources professional, I decided to take a new challenge in a different working environment. My move to Hong Kong helped me rethink some of my working philosophy as well as my career and ultimately brought me to where I am today.

I have the benefit now to choose the customers and projects I work with as an HR Consultant and I try to make best use of my background knowledge and own passion, Talent Management and Coaching, to energise people and organisations to unleash their potential and reach their best performance.

What you find most rewarding?
As a Consultant, it is always great to receive a call from my client eager to tell me of the positive accomplishments his/her company has achieved after our work together. Also, being able to see and experience the higher energy level from my clients is extremely rewarding after a project or coaching session. This revitalization also fills me with the enthusiasm to continue in this line of work. However, possibly the biggest reward is when I get calls for second projects with current customers, as this is a clear signal that I was able to make a positive impact.

What challenges you most?
My biggest challenge is to allocate the right amount of time to develop my network and client pipeline. It is not something I have been used to do. We don’t have that need in the corporate environment. In a new country/city and work environment, networking has been arguably the biggest challenge for me. Finally, time management and being self-employed requires a big amount of discipline which sometimes I still struggle with.
What’s the number one attribute that has got you to where you are today?

“First thing that comes to my mind is “courage”.Everyone needs courage to make a big change in career and/or life.

What are your words of advice to other women, wanting to do what you do?
I would encourage them to work with passion in their development plans – not only for professional but also private life. Having some structured ideas of what one would like to do can be very helpful. Sometimes this is harder to find than one would imagine. For the most part, I work on my own for now, but I usually suggest to the people I coach that they seek the support from a business partner or a mentor, someone they can trust and share ideas. Idea exchange is essential to keep one’s own philosophy crisp and fresh – it is an ever evolving science. Most of all, have courage to tackle the unknown and enjoy the learning ride!

Dani LBD Swoosh Dress Perfect Ruffles CurvesABOUT YOUR STYLE

How would you describe your style at work?

I like the business casual style, as it can be flexible enough for being appropriate for my daily work and meetings, as well as being elegant enough to extend the day into a happy hour or dinner, if necessary. I like to wear clothes that will first make me feel confident and good about myself, so good fitting and nice material are essentials. It also needs to be comfortable for a long day’s work, as I normally need to walk around the city and meet clients in different locations throughout the day.

I like the “easy to wear” dresses as my first option. Something elegant, comfortable and flexible. Also, I appreciate clothing that I can easily change the way it looks by changing an accessory. I always have a necklace or scarf with me that can help with that trick!
What made you chose AURZA’s Kate dress?
The dress I have chosen made me feel very stylish! Depending on the different choice of high heels & handbag that I wear, I can alter the look. It is adjusted to my body in a subtle way because of the pleats, so it can be comfortable and kind of sexy at the same time. The black colour brings the last touch of elegance. It is the perfect way to enhance a woman’s confidence!

#AURZA #WomenMeanBusiness Swoosh Dress


Thanks to Dani for looking so fabulous in our Kate swoosh dress and for Natalia of Natalia Segura Photography for the stunning photos of both Dani and her AURZA dress.  Team AURZA are inspired. Until next month!

Jess & Steph

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