Introducing #AURZA #WomenMeanBusiness


Whilst every office in the land has their corporate or social norms, when it comes to what you wear playing safe is no way to get remembered.

That’s why today we are launching our #AURZA #WomenMeanBusiness Campaign to hero our personal styles and inspire women to experiment with colour, move away from the traditional suits and ultimate create a beautifully tailored look for the workplace that flatters, fits and perfectly projects your personal brand.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing photos from our recent photoshoot, behind the scenes footage, celebrity get the looks and interviews with some incredible women in business.

So if you love what you wear then now is your chance to harness your inner designer or if you are stuck in a rut then the cavalry is here. We believe tailored garments should play a key role in every women’s wardrobe, boosting confidence and impact.

Get started now by giving our design builder a try and one of the millions of unique combinations could be the look that gives you that edge.

Just one more thing…. please help us capture the needs of every woman out there by commenting below or emailing us with your workwear dilemmas and we will post back some design ideas to get you started.

Steph & Jess


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