The most fabulous dresses of all time

I love dresses. No I mean I seriously LOVE dresses. As a kid who watched far too much TV I still remember every gown I saw in my mum’s much loved musicals, the impression those shoulder pads made as the brat pack movies hit our screen and the swagger of a celebrity sashaying down the red carpet.

As the years have gone by, the memory card in my head is fit to burst but the images are all still there, as vivid as when I first saw them. Associated with each is a time, a place or some sort of random emotion of what wearing that dress would be like.

I remember desperately wanting  (no doubt along with a million others) Julia Robert’s long red dress from Pretty Women. Or thinking I would 100% recreate Doris Day’s ball gown from Calamity Jane as my wedding dress. Even much later when Keira wowed the world in her green masterpiece in ‘Atonement’, I was still left dreaming what occasion could justify such a gown.

AURZA Most Fabulous Dresses - Childhood dreamsHow is it possible that a dress can evoke such emotion?

A dress can cause heated debate, flip a career and be recalled in a heartbeat when seen ONLY once. You may love it but are there any dresses that are unquestionably admired?

To find the answer I decided to ask for the help of thousands of likeminded women what in their opinion is the most fabulous dress they have seen… Within hours of posting and hundreds of comments later I got a sense that I am not alone…

Everyone had a fabulous and memorable dress. Most people had several…

AURZA - Fabulous Dresses Leslie CaronFrom childhood movies to royal weddings, the image of ‘that dress’ is there with the underlying hope of ‘one day it will be mine’.

AURZA - fabulous dress from movie to royal wedding

And thanks to worldwide coverage of award ceremonies it did not surprise me that the dresses worn by celebrities on a single night have become as memorable as those immortalized on film, along with the incredible designers that create them.

AURZA - Fabulous Dresses celebrity and the designers that dress themHowever some of the posts I loved seeing the most were the ones that defined fabulous for surprising and / or personal reasons.

AURZA - Surprising dresses that define fabulousness

But through all the posts, feedback and ideas there was one icon of the silver screen that was repeatedly cited over and over again. When it comes to dresses, there may not be one idea of ‘fabulous’ but there is clearly one lady who undoubtedly knew how to rock a dress.

AURZA - Fabulous Dresses and the Queen of FabulousnessSo thank you to all those fabulous ladies that contributed by choosing the dresses for this post. You can see every single dress put forward here in our ‘Beyond Fabulous..’ dresses board or here on the original post. However if ‘your’ dress is still missing, please share the fabulousness and post it in the comments box below!

Steph & Jess

Try designing your perfect dress here

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