Building a fabulous wardrobe – THE ESSENTIALS (Part 1)

ImageEvery woman wants that capsule wardrobe that makes her effortlessly fabulous. We want to be able to grab anything, wear it and feel like we can take on the world (after a quick coffee)! We don’t want all of our clothes scattered on the bed and for us to declare (read, scream) “I have nothing to weeeeeaaaarrr”.

Our advice to help you along this road of effortless greatness is to invest in these 6 key dress/skirt silhouettes. With the right tweaks these key pieces will take you from every occasion, transcending day to night.


Hands up if you don’t own a pencil skirt. To the corner with you! This little gem of a silhouette can hide a multitude of sins, emphasizes a wide range of feminine features and is so versatile you could almost eat your dinner off it (well almost).



The pencil can be worn short to show off your pins, knee length to be more demure or mid calf length, which creates a super lean silhouette. For the mid calf pencil killer heels are a must (no pain no gain).

If you want to add some extra sass, opt for a leather pencil. It’s amazing how wearable it is, going with everything from flirty tops to wool jackets.


If you are feeling bold try a busy print, like roses or other flowers. Worn below with funky strappy shoes and a relaxed solid top, the feminine floral pencil below oozes modern style.


Nothing says va va voom like a brightly coloured pencil skirt.  Roland Mouret is king of the sleek female form and his pencil design below shows a dramatic red pencil paired with cream and black belt and shoes.


The Pencil doesn’t have to be a straight up and down little number either. Additions like a ruffle at the back can add definition to the female derrière and a front slit helps to show off a little leg without going too short.



BLOUSE- One of the most flattering ways to wear a pencil is to pair it with a feminine blouse. The looseness of the top will balance out and complement your curves by pulling in at the waist. Opt for a drapey, sheer, frilly, and feminine top to soften your entire look. Throw on a cute belt to emphasis the waist even more.

SLOUCHY T – As the pencil skirt embraces your curves, balancing out with a loose-fitting T shirt style top cinches the waist but creates a much more casual look. Throw on a leather jacket to create a more edgy vibe.


PEPLUM TOP – Another great way to wear the pencil skirt is with a peplum top. With an added belt the silhouette makes your waist look small and works the hourglass shape to perfection, while the long pencil skirt gives you a slim, tall look.


souce: fashionispolitics

Whether your needs are casual or formal the pencil skirt has an answer to everything. It’s a chic and glamorous look that never goes out of style. Our advice – don’t build a fabulous wardrobe without one!




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