After months of development and a final flurry of activity we are delighted to announce that WWW.AURZA.COM is now LIVE.


As you will see we have kept our core tailored silhouettes that proved winners in our INDIEGOGO campaign, and have added some new styles, fabrics and fabulous new digital prints ready for summer.

We have photoshoots planned for every month and so there will be plenty more “shop the collection” images to come to provide inspiration for designs, plus new accessories and silhouettes.

Also for those of you who are also based in Hong Kong, we will bringing a digital revolution to our local fairs and will be at the CHOICE CO-OPERATIVE EVENT in ABERDEEN this Saturday May 10th.

So please pop along, take a look at the website and most of all share our news with your friends and family.

Thanks for everyone’s support so far.. the hard work starts now!

 Steph and Jess

PS – as we didn’t manage to celebrate properly when we pushed the button, we had to make do with a small but perfectly formed google hangout party……..


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  1. Katy Regan says:

    Stylish ladeeeez! (and men) MASSIVE CONGRATS on aurza.com. I’m seriously impressed with you people. x

  2. Thanks for all your words of wisdom along the way too Katy. The monoboob has finally had its day ha ha! X x

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