The “monoboob” and other such issues

Following the recent, rather fabulous, blog looking at the common issue of the monoboob, by Katy Regan, author extraordinaire (How we Met, One Thing Led to Another, The One Before The One), we have decided to ask you;

“What’s the bee in your bonnet when choosing clothes?”

Go on ladies, tell us what makes you mad when shopping for clothes. You never know, we may just be able to help.


Katy’s blog;

Finally, a cure for the high-necked monoboob? Custom made dresses you design yourself..

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One Response to The “monoboob” and other such issues

  1. Becky says:

    Crikey – where to start!….

    I seem to have an extraordinarily high waist – which make me all legs. You’d expect a 5’10 gal to be all legs, but getting trousers to fit is pain in backside, literally sometimes. The waist band sits somewhere unflatteringly between my waist and hips (giving me an extra muffin top which quite frankly is not needed right now), but even then doesn’t actually do up very well as the hips are the largest part of my body. So I go for the next size up – so it fits around the waist – but there may be hint of camel toe as it’s a bit ‘stretched’ to reach said waistline and then the bum is saggy because you’ve gone up a size. I therefore opt for skirts and leggings or jeans as they seem to be on my side.

    I am making my body sound like a freak show. It’s not, i look ‘fairly’ normal. You know, fairly early 30s, post preg body and wobbly bits. Basically i need 33″ trousers that hug my bum but not my tum.

    Phew – this is like therapy!


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