You are not alone…

… if you are one of the 57% of women who just don’t know what size clothes to order when shopping online.

With vanity sizing and varying systems across all brands and retailers, finding your perfect size online can be daunting. That is why we have put a lot of thought into how you get the right size with AURZA. When we launch we will be offering 3 AMAZING sizing options ..



When we launch we will have a range of standard sizes available from a UK 8 to a UK20. We will publish clear size charts and explain the flexibility of fit with each and every style.  The way in which we have designed the dresses and the 5% stretch we have put into our tailored options means that the fit is incredibly adaptable to a wide range of body shapes.

But if this is still too daunting then we can now make it SUPER EASY. If you tell us your height and upload a full length front and side photo of yourself thanks to our 3D development work we will be able to tell you what size you should order or whether a custom size solution would be the best for you. (As an aside the more money we raise in our crowdfunding campaign, the more advanced we can make this technology so if you reckon this could be really neat get ready to pre-order with us next week!


With our second option instead of a dress you can order a separate top and skirt. Great for people with big differences between their top and bottom half or if you just want greater flexibility with when and how you can wear your outfit.


So we wouldn’t be custom, if we didn’t offer bespoke sizing! Our final option is the chance for you to input your measurements with help from our online measurement videos and we will create a unique size dress to match your unique design. From the testing we have done, it has been clear that the majority of women experience a fantastic fit with our other size options and we understand that inputting all your measurements into our website is just not an easy thing to do

So instead we have selected the key areas that make a huge difference in fit. Just use our sliding scale to tell us your height, bust, waist and hips and we will do the rest.


Hopefully by offering the choice of all 3 will ensure we are able to deliver against our dream of helping EVERY woman feel fabulous, without compromise. However if anything is not quite right for any reason we will have a 30 day returns policy (with a small restocking fee for the bespoke size option only) and local tailoring voucher available on all purchases. 

All thoughts and ideas are really welcome as when we launch we will be monitoring quite closely which options are giving the best response.

Steph and Jess


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