Time to really name the baby

Who knows which part of the business start up has given us the most wrinkles but the naming process has to be way up there. (I mean WAY up there!)

We have tried every technique in the book;

– using our names or some variant (unsurprisingly jessnsteph.com didn’t feel like a winner),

-the ‘do what it says on the tin’ route (often by adding ‘tailoring’ or custom’ into the mix but it felt niche or homemade)

-simply combining names related to our industry (pleat and tuck was up there- nuff said!).

We tried name storming every methodology out there (the  ‘Igor Naming Guide‘ is one of the best if you like some structure). Whilst coming up with a long list of potentials we often found that when we got to registering the domain names both .com and .co.uk were taken. It’s worth noting here that there is a whole new opportunity for new businesses with .co addresses, which have been released to ease the burden of finding an online domain name (check out www.go.co/about).

As it turned out though, we had a great breakthrough brainstorming session with our fantastic branding friend Andy, cheers mate (www.yangrutherford.com), who gave us some great pointers about where to focus our thoughts (even without drinking wine would you believe).  We discussed;

  1. colours and related words
  2. words that described unique, beautiful flowers, one off events
  3. which words were associated with the feeling of confidence
  4. words associated with feeling sexy, womanly, sassy
  5. words associated with radiance, inner shine, luminescence
  6. phrases, words associated with couture, fit, quality

At the end of this process we have a name we love and which we feel portrays our brand message. We have tested it through various targeted surveys and it has passed with flying colours.

Drumroll please………………Our new business name …………..

The name fits our belief structure perfectly and represents everything we hope a woman feels when wearing one of our unique dresses.

And that ladies and gentlemen is where the story begins. Onwards and upwards AURZA!

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4 Responses to Time to really name the baby

  1. GB & BB says:

    Gorgeous ladies, love the name!!!


  2. Helen Nesbitt says:

    Excellent name – can’t wait to see the dresses!

  3. Hels Bells says:

    Fabuloso ladies! Loving the pictures and dresses, particularly the Kate…….

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