The blog is back (with bells on)!

So after a small absence on the blog we have returned to share our experiences and spread the word! Before our content gets seriously blog worthy we thought we owed you a quick update on what we’ve been up to.  We have;

  1. developed our initial range of killer dress silhouettes in conjunction with both an international pattern maker (who thankfully/ fabulously has worked in well known fashion houses in Europe) and a manufacturer experienced in production of high-end ladies wear,
  2. immersed ourselves into the world of crowd-funding and are on the cusp of launching our funding campaign in September,
  3. hired a graphic designer to make our website look even more kick ass,
  4. taken up the challenge of social media (despite being old and past it),
  5. networked like crazy chicks (thanks if you are one of those who have shared a friend with us!).

As you can see it’s been all go.  I even managed to squeeze in a break with Mr S and the family to Bali.

As part of our social media revolution we will be blogging much more regularly with our updates, learnings and ideas. So……..

 Watch this space!  

You may even find some stuff useful.

Jess and Steph

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One Response to The blog is back (with bells on)!

  1. Katy Regan says:

    Good work ladies! Killer dresses much needed in this world. Hurrah. Good look with launch xx

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