Oh What A Month!

Without a doubt this has been the most challenging month of our development by far. After a great second focus group and a fabuous break in Thailand (well for me anyway!), we have had a rollercoaster ride with the tailor we have been working with. Whilst we have done a lot of work on the dress specifications and experiemented with different designs, the end product has been quite variable. In general the quality of the sewing has been excellent without fail across all of our test dresses, however the quality of cut has been more hit and miss. As a result we have taken massive learnings both on how we communicate our ideas and the expertise we need to help us deliver the patterns required to ensure our vision is delivered perfectly.

We knew it wouldn’t be easy, and neither of us get too disheartened, so we did what all good start up business should do…. got networking. Turns out we have some fantastic contacts in the fashion business.  As a result we had a number of meetings last week with small to medium manufacturers in China and Hong Kong who may be able to deliver bespoke dresses to the quality we are looking for. Until now we had assumed (tsk tsk) that a manufacturer wouldn’t be interested in our business model, but I am glad to say we have been proved wrong and even picked up a couple of mentors for the future.

Our focus now is to create our distinctive block and patterns and then develop the graded samples that ensure the dresses look great in all shapes and sizes and allow us to launch here in Hong Kong early in the new year.

So whilst the last month has been incredibly frustrating, it has only refined our vision and strengthened our resolve to kick some ass.
Steph and Jess
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