Pinking shears at the ready!

You may have wondered where we’ve been the last few weeks. It’s fair to say that the last month we have been thoroughly obsessed and absorbed by fabrics.

Getting the right fabric is absolutely key to the quality aspect of our clothing and in meeting the demands of our concept of timeless lasting pieces.  With my background in Textiles I had a head-start on Steph (not that it’s a competition eh?) but she has gallantly thrown herself into the weird and wonderful world of fibres and fabrics.  I think it’s fair to say it’s made her head spin.  The choices out there are endless and if you don’t know where to start frankly confusing.  Look at the shops and the same garments seem to be endless made of different fabrics and fibre mixes. Some you may have heard of some you may not have.

I spent 4 years at Leeds University learning about Textile technology and 8 years as a management consultant to the textile and chemical industries so I have a good understanding of textiles and how to access fabric quality and suitability for end use.  However, I have never had to source my own fabric before.

It’s been hard work but having identified our core fabric range we are now well on the way to sourcing some quality fabric from both near and far.

Exciting times! Next stop Shanghai in October for “Intertextile”, apparel fabrics fair.  I may get to squeeze in a few, well earned, G&T ‘s with my good friend Mrs T as well.  Work hard, play hard……..happy days!

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