The measurement dilemma

Offering dresses that both fit and flatter our non standard bodies is a key part of our vision at DPC requiring that we use unique measurements for each individual. So, it’s not surprising that one of the biggest questions we have been asked is just how will we get the measurements right online?

Since most tailoring or customisation sites online have the same challenge, we have been doing some serious benchmarking and found a variety of solutions from videos of how to measure, posting of muslin bastes to pin onto people at home to booking a local appointment to see a tailor. Despite it being a little daunting at first we reckon it is best to get stuck in and so have decided to put some of the options to the test while we are working offline here in Hong Kong.

In fact, as I write this blog we have a number of dresses being made … some that are copies of ones we have done previously, some that are based on measurements made by our tailor and some based on measurements taken by yours truly.  Also in a couple of weeks we will be creating a second set of dresses using measurements taken by individuals themselves.

It will be interesting to see how good or bad the sizing turns out.  Having had dresses made already we are confident they will be better than a standard sizing model however we want to get it to be the best that it can be and so are workly closely with our fabulous tailor on what we can do do to optimise our base designs, choose our fabrics with fit in mind and offer minor alterations if required.

The one thing in all this that we have realised is taking measurements at home is way easier than it seems as long as you have some good instructions and a mate to help BUT we are guessing you guys won’t believe us quite yet… so here’s where you can help – please take 2 minutes to share with us

* What could we do to make taking measurements easy for you ?
* What could we do to give you confidence that it will work ?
* Should we offer ‘standard’ sizing options (10,12 etc) alongside the made to measure solutions even though in reality few people are perfect 10s?

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