Game on….

To keep our newly found momentum going, Jess and I whizzed off to China this morning to talk to our chosen tailors. As we entered the building armed with our elevator pitches and proposals we stopped only for our mandatory (and highly productive) Dim Sum brekkie and then headed off to see if we could find what we were looking for. After an interesting start (our first tailor had gone to HK!?) we had more luck with what followed… some great conversations, excellent stitching, invites to factories and overall the sense that we are not crazy.

We have at last ordered our first dress and even though it is just for Jess (who says she will break it in with the housework if she can remember what that is) it is fantastic to start to put some of our ideas and assumptions to the test. At the same time we have a lot more work to do on sourcing the right quality of fabrics as despite a warehouse full of textiles, the vendors promises of ‘same same…. quality fabric’ just didn’t materialise . So, whilst a little daunting, each conversation continues to bring us 1 step closer to our goal of delivering utterly fabulous tailor made dresses. Eeeeeeeeek…..

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One Response to Game on….

  1. Helen P says:

    Awesome stuff girlies! Very exciting times ahead. Would love to see what kind of dresses when you are ready. H x

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