The cat’s out of the bag

So summer has kind of been and gone with Steph and I both heading home to the UK for 6 weeks. Needless to say it hasn’t been massively productive on the work front.  Tumble weed moments of name trialing with those we have met up with whilst visiting haven’t put us off our new business name (you know who you are).

However we are now officially back, feet firmly on concrete and pollution flying high in the sky to kick some business ass (as you can see I am getting the motivational speech down to a fine art).

Next week we are starting our drive to find the right suppliers. We have decided to focus in HK and Shenzen in order to develop relationships close to hand while we learn how the business will operate and build the business model we need to make the supply chain work effectively for us.  As part of this process we will be recruiting some trusted allies who will help with the “testing” of our products. Next week our first beta testers will be enjoying some fine wine and clothing chat whilst being measured for our sample dresses (any excuse to dance round in our bras to loud music I hear you cry).

As for the name……..

You heard it here first!

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