Give and get back and all that….!

Since the link to the survey went up, we have been obsessed with reading the responses to see whether our idea would pass the disaster check! Thankfully it did and (from our exclusive but perfectly formed sample of ladies) our insight behind starting the business holds.

Ladies like us would like to be able to wear tailored clothes but often aren’t clear on where to go or have the confidence or desire to design an outfit from scratch. That is where we will help.

We are building a range of classic but contemporary silhouettes that can be customised by you in fabric and design and then made to fit your measurements so that you finally get what you want in a way that flatters your shape. We will be starting with dresses and looking for your help along the line for feedback to make sure we nail it. We will also need some help testing the products as well as the concept (see karma, give and get back and all that).

Please keep following us along the way and give us your thoughts and ideas… No doubt we will ignore it at times (daaaarling we need creative licence) but we are confident you will stop us wasting our hard earned cash on things that well, just won’t work. To that end we’ll hold the survey open for now and if anyone hasn’t yet responded now’s the time. In the words of Nike.. Just do it! (without any running and sweating in track suits of course).

Steph and Jess

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