What women want

So, some more detail…….

Jess and I came up with our idea to start a custom made clothes business for women following an revolutionary visit to a local tailors where we realised that quality, well fitted clothes in classic styles look and feel amazing and shouldn’t be saved for work or evenings out.

We reckon that there must me millions of women like us around the world who, when it comes to clothes, often have an idea of what they want but can’t quite find it. Women who want to look and feel great but whose shape and tastes have changed over time. Ultimately women who have full and varied lives and who often don’t have ooodles of time (or energy) to scan every store or website to find that perfect fit. Normal women who can and want to stand out from the crowd without trying too hard or dying for fashion.

We have found lots of tailoring companies around the world that offer a perfect fit but without style and tons of clothes stores that offer high end fashion or classic style but without the flexibility in fit.

What we are trying to do exists for shoes but not in any comprehensive way for clothes. We believe there is a real need not being met that with the resources here in Asia we can solve for.

We know it will be hard and as we do our research we are building a great idea of what we want to offer and how (the subject of many a future blog no doubt) but for now we need to know whether our thoughts on women are right or not. This is where we need your help.

If you are female pleeeease spend 5 minutes and click on the link to our survey.


If anyone out there does this stuff for a living, we apologise in advance as no doubt we have committed endless surveying crimes. It’s just we are pretty excited about our idea (especially after a couple of G&Ts) and we have asked more than we probably should in a way that we probably shouldn’t! We hope you’ll share the good, the bad and the downright ugly and so thanks a million. We owe you … er although don’t quote me on that when we are rich and famous ;0)

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